Getting ready for big school

A high-quality daycare centre environment will help your child develop the essential school readiness skills required to provide a solid base for success at school.

Childcare services are well placed to contribute to the foundations for children’s success at school. By supporting all areas of children’s development and focusing on building strong, responsive relationships with young children, services provide children with the skills and confidence to continue along a path of life-long learning.

Children who attend daycare in South Africa are exposed to curriculums that have been developed by child development experts to foster the teachable moments that children are exposed to and prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

Developing Cultural Connectedness

Children who learn about and develop a connectedness to their culture in their early years are in an optimal position to develop a strong sense of identity and feeling of belonging. Children in South African day care centers are taught respect for their own culture, as well as the wide variety of cultures and traditions in their wider community, through the teaching of songs, exposure to food, through an environment that has been set up with experiences that reflect other cultures and by celebrating special days. Additionally, the high value placed on care and respect for the environment in the South African daycare curriculum helps children to develop empathy and sets up a solid foundation for children to learn and develop lifelong empathetic and environmentally friendly and sustainable habits.

A high-quality daycare center will help to optimize your child’s development through providing a safe environment to begin their lifelong learning journey, providing creative and imaginative play-based learning opportunities, school readiness and a sense of belonging and cultural connectedness.

Childcare centers might also incorporate educational programs with language learning classes. These classes are extremely beneficial for your child’s language and brain development but also supports their learning of cultural awareness and differences.

The childcare environment, more precisely excellent daycare will positively impact and support a child’s developmental psychology. The childcare space will provide children with a safe, comfortable and exciting play spaces. A high-quality childcare will deliver education and preparation for your child’s transition into primary schooling. Plus, at childcare, your child will participate in a range of culturally diverse activities, ultimately supporting their learning and development of different cultures and becoming more culturally aware.