The psychological benefits of daycare on toddlers

What the childcare changes mean for you

Development psychology studies the physical, socio-emotional and cognitive changes that occur from infancy throughout life. It is a scientific approach that aims to explain how individuals grow, change or remain consistent throughout their lifespan by examining the ways that thinking, feeling and behavior develop over time.

Because early childhood is the time when more physical and developmental changes occur than during any other stage of the life cycle, it is essential to ensure that your child is in the best possible environment to optimize their development.

High-quality daycare environment vs childminding

A high-quality daycare environment can improve the cognitive, vocabulary and social development of your child by providing safe and mentally stimulating spaces to explore, play and learn the rules of social interaction at a pace that meets each child's individual needs.

While the brain cells are formed before birth, the connections, the wiring that forms the architecture happens in infancy and early childhood. And how that wiring is formed, either as a strong or weak foundation depends on each child's interactions with the world around them.

The daycare environment will support your child in learning how to form positive and trusting relationships, acquire balance and coordination, as well as how to manage stress, challenging situations and risks by providing indoor and outdoor areas where your child is able to take calculated risks and engage in realistic play experiences with their peers.

By encouraging children to participate in imaginative and creative play the daycare environment will enhance your child's social and emotional development by putting into action what they know and what they see in their everyday lives.

Children learn better when they play

The daycare environment provides many opportunities for your child to engage in play-based learning. Play-based learning has long been recognized by child development experts as the most effective method to enhance your child's natural curiosity and desire to learn, as they find the most creative ways to solve problems.

By learning to create and test hypotheses in the play-based learning environment of a daycare center your child will learn more effective methods to internalize knowledge and be ready for future employment in jobs that are yet to be created.